At Ascot Park Primary School, we offer a Specialist Netball program for internal and external students. Girls and boys of all levels can trial for our netball programs and, if successful, will be selected into the appropriate skill levelled program; advanced, intermediate or development. There are no more than 12 students selected into a group to allow 1-on-1 individualised coaching for each athlete.

All programs are run by highly qualified and professional coaches and are expected to plan and implement high-level programs, aligned to the Australian Curriculum and Netball SA coaching and development documents.

Students who attend APPS and who are in a Specialist Sports Program have the opportunity to be selected into the School’s Sports Specialist class. The Sports Specialist class has no more than 15 students to a classroom. Individualised learning programs are developed and implemented for those students who miss learning or lesson time due to their sporting and training commitments.

Program Overview

The Ascot Park Primary School Special Interest Netball Program is aligned with the Netball Australia program, Dare To Develop a Diamond and will follow their Long Term Athlete Development Plan as well as the National Skills Curriculum. The program set will align to the athletes’ age and ability level.

Athletes selected in the program will be involved in 2 x 1 hour weekly training sessions run during school hours. There will also be an expectation that work, approximately 1-2 hours, is completed by the athletes outside of our weekly training sessions.

Sessions will focus on the following areas:

  • Tactical and technical development, including statistical and video analysis
  • Attacking skills
  • Defending skills
  • Shooting skills
  • Ball work and footwork development
  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Recovery
  • Sports psychology, including goal setting, motivation, group dynamics and leadership
  • Sport science, including fitness and skills testing
  • tHREE Umpiring Course (Year 5-6)

Netball is a late specialisation sport, that requires a more generalised approach to early training with the emphasis being on the development of general fundamental motor and technical/tactical skills. Athletes should progress when they are developmentally ready and not when they reach a certain age. This philosophy will underpin the Special Interest Netball Program.



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