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Victorian Gymnastic Championships 2017

In week 6, Term 2 India represented the State at the Victorian Gymnastic Championships. 
Overall India placed 6th. Individually she score 5th place on beam, bars and floor.

India and the other girls in her team did SA proud with Gymjets coming in at 3rd place as a team.

Well Done, India! 


Specialist Netball School Competition

On Monday 29th May 2017 the Advanced Netball Squad represented Ascot Park at the Specialist Netball School Competition.  We entered a Year 6/7 Team and played against 4 other specialist netball schools. It was a wet and cold day and the team play extraordinarily well in the miserable conditions.  The team played 5 games making it into the finals, only losing 1 game during the day. In the finals they versed the Year 6/7 Trinity College team who they had lost to earlier in the day. The girls were ready for the challenge and where not out to lose. After an exciting first half the score was Ascot 9 vs Trinity 4. Trinity came back on the court with determination to get back in front but the Ascot girls where playing too well for Trinity to get back in front.  

Final Score: Ascot 19 def Trinity 11


Southern Districts Junior Soccer Association Carnival

On Tuesday 6th June 2017 the Intermediate and Advanced Soccer squads joined forces to represent Ascot Park Primary at the Southern District Junior Soccer Association Carnival. The carnival was held from 6-8pm at Bowker St, Soccer Oval. Students played 6-8 14 minute games. 

The team worked well together winning ALL of their games and they shut down all teams in the goals, with no scored goals against them. 


Sport Achievements 

Kristian Garin

Kristian Garin

Captain of the SAPSASA Basketball Team representing South Australia at the basketball carnival in Perth 2013.

Harvey Halliday

Selected for the 2014 U13 Skillaroos Squad, an elite FFSA squad competing in national competitions.

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