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School Times

8:30 Teacher on duty to supervise children arriving at school
8:50 Classroom open, roll taken
9:10 Lessons 1-2
10:50 Supervised lunch eating
11:00 Lunch Playtime
11:30 Lessons 3-4
1:10 Recess
1:30 Lessons 5-6
3:10 Dismissal
3:25 Teacher supervision ends
All students must have left the school grounds unless they are involved in after school sport or are booked into OSHC


South Australian State Schools Term Dates

Year:Term 1:Term 2:Term 3:Term 4:
201730th Jan - 12th Apr1st May - 7th Jul24th Jul - 29th Sep!6th Oct - 15th Dec
201829th Jan - 13th Apr30th Apr - 6th July23rd Jul - 28th Sep15th Oct - 14th Dec

Home-School Communication


We have a whole school assembly every Wednesday fortnight, usually in even weeks at 2.30pm in the Sport Centre (new gym). Each class is responsible for hosting an assembly 2-3 times during the year and each assembly consists of singing the National Anthem, Acknowledgement of Country, various class items and finishing with our Play is the Way awards. Parents/carers are most welcome to attend as it is a fabulous opportunity to see what’s happening in classes and around the school.



The school newsletter is published every Friday fortnight. A paper copy is sent home with the eldest child in the family or alternatively parents/carers can request an electronic copy to be sent via email. You can also access the newsletter on our Skoolbag app.

Skoolbag App

Skoolbag is a new communication tool which helps us to communicate more effectively with our school community. It provides you with everything you need to know about school happenings including newsletters, updated news and special events. It also allows parents/carers to notify the school of student absences and change of details.

The app is free and is easy to download from iTune’s App store or Android’s Google Play store by searching for “Ascot Park Skoolbag”. Alternatively, you can download it to your account from the links below.


Parents Guide

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Google Play


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