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Specialist PE and Sport 

Ascot Park Primary School is unique as we are the only primary Specialist PE and Sport School funded and endorsed by the Department for Education. All students have 1-2 PE lessons each week with our highly qualified and experienced PE teacher, as well as a gymnastics lesson each week with our specialist gymnastics teacher.

Kindergym and GymPlay sessions are also offered during the day for children who haven’t yet started school.

Specialist Sport Program

We have elite gymnasts, and soccer and netball students who receive high quality coaching in either our internal or external programs.

Students in the Specialist Sport program participate in 2-4 early morning training sessions each week, with our elite gymnasts  participating in up to 36 hours per week. Students in the Specialist Sport program have the opportunity to perform in interschool, state and national competitions as well as opening up pathways into higher sporting and education programs.

We work in strong partnerships with Gymnastics SA, Netball SA and Football Federation SA as well as specialist coaches from Taught and Bowled and Alpha Gymnastics.


We have a school bus which picks up and drops off our gymnasts at the Marion Leisure and Fitness Centre and transports netball and soccer students to various sporting events and locations.

Smaller class sizes

We use some of our funding to reduce class sizes across the school so that all students who participate in our Specialist Sport program have a better teacher to student ratio in the classroom and individual learning needs can be more easily met. 

We also provide SSO support in classrooms to our gymnasts who have a shortened day. 

Click on the Specialist Sport programs tab to find out more about the individual sports offered.


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