Ascot Park Primary School offer 4 pathways to gymnastics;
1. Beginner Gymnastics Program
2. Gymnastics, Strengths and Conditioning Program
3. School Gymnastics for ALL program
4. Gym-JETS

1. Beginners Gymnastics Program

The Beginner Gymnastics program is run by Andrew Cordery, the owner and coach of ALPHA Gymnastics. The program is designed students wanting to improve their coordination, balance and locomotive skill in a fun and safe environment. The program runs for an hour, once a week for 32 weeks of the school year. Training for this program are held between 7:30am – 8:30am on a Friday morning.
Click on the link to check out our head coach; Andrew Cordery


2. Gymnastics, Strength and Conditioning Program 

At Ascot Park Primary School, we offer a Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning (GSC) Program for internal and external students. Girls and boys of all levels can trial for our GSC programs and, if successful, will be selected into the appropriate skill levelled program; advanced, intermediate or development. There are no more than 10 in a training group to allow individualised planning and coaching for each athlete.

All programs are run by highly qualified and professional coaches who are expected to plan and implement high-level programs, aligned to the Australian Curriculum and designed to support progression through the Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Australian Levels Programs.
Trainings are run by Andrew Cordery twice a week; Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7 – 8:30am. 

Click on the link to check out our head coach; Andrew Cordery
Click on the link to see Gymnastics, Strength and Condtioning Program Outline 


3. School Gymnastics for ALL program 

Students at Ascot Park Primary School participate in one 50 minute lesson of gymnastics a week. This session is run by the Schools Gymnastics Coach and qualified teacher, Andrew Cordery. Students participate in these lessons as apart of their Physical Education Curriculum.

4. Gym-JETS 

Ascot Park has been the home of the Gymnastics Focus Class since 1989. Known as the Gym-JETS (Gymnastics Junior Elite Talent Squad), the aim of the elite gymnastics program is to produce gymnasts of national ranking who will represent Australia in international competitions whilst providing a high quality primary academic and social learning program based at Ascot Park R-7 Physical Education and Sport School.
The gymnasts follow a flexible learning program based around their training schedule and all students travel by school bus to and from their training. Students who wish to be apart of the Gym-JETS program need to trail with Gymnastics SA.


Click here for; Trial and Program Entry Information 

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Home Learning


Home learning brochure


COVID-19 - Learning at home


You don’t need to be an expert or educator to help your child to learn at home. The Department for Education has published        2 documents to help you support your child in learning at home as well as staying healthy and active:

Teachers at school have also been working hard to provide meaningful and relevant learning programs which have been communicated through ClassDojo, Google Classrooms and home learning packs. We have also developed a suggested               daily timetable to help you provide clear structure and routine to your child’s day.


At school, students have been learning about interoception, which is our 8th sense. It can broadly be defined as our conscious perception of our internal body signals which let us know how to respond to human needs or relate to our emotional experiences. Interoception is the pre-requisite for self-regulation.

Interoception activities take less than 2 minutes to complete and they help your child to identify their body signals, recognise when their body signals change and act or respond to these body signals for their self-regulation. The booklet provided has a range of activities that you can complete with your child and the whole family. You can complete these activities throughout the day, some examples could be:

  • Starting their day with an interoception activity
  • Break time between online lessons/activities
  • Going for a walk or a bike ride
  • Shooting some hoops or kicking a ball
  • Playing on a swing set
  • Jumping on a trampoline

Interoception parent and caregiver booklet

The great thing about interoception activities is that you can create your own with your child. It can be any activity that changes your child’s body state and while encouraging them to notice how their body feels. To find out more information about interoception, please visit the Department for Education’s Interoception web page. If you have any questions or need further support with implementing interoception activities with your child, please contact your child’s teacher.



Dr Paul Swan has developed a support page to help parents in finding quality numeracy activities. The school has also provided students with dice and playing cards which will give them the opportunity to engage in problem solving using mathematical thinking processes and skills. Cards games also give children the opportunity to develop social skills such as sharing and taking turns. Games and activities can be found in the following eBooks:



Primary Connections is an innovative science program developed by the Australian Academy of Science which is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. They have developed a range of educational activities designed to be used at home. 

 Each four-page resource features: 

  • A short description  
  • Notes guiding preparation and resourcing 
  • Suggested questions to support student inquiry
  • Student task sheets (may be printed, photographed or photocopied and sent to teachers upon completion) 
  • Ideas to explore further 

Please click here to access the resources.



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